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There’s no denying that the modification which changes ATS the most is the map. If you can add more states, regions and roads for exploration, the game becomes more interesting. SCS Software does a tremendous job bringing US countryside and cityscapes into the game. You have the better part of Western United States projected into the game with meticulous detail. However, the mod community take it a step further. You can find more detailed variations of individual state maps which are usually called state expansions. They add more towns, cities and roads as well as picturesque countryside to the game.

With that being said, the category of map mods that people download the most is the map expansions. It’s kind of sad being able to drive to the edge of the United States border and not being able to go a few miles further to Canada or Mexico, right? This is why modders have developed detailed and quite expansive and huge maps for Mexico, Canada, and other regions. They’re all free and available to download. Get a free American Truck Simulator mod, make sure it’s compatible with your game, load it and begin playing. Take your experience to the next level and add unparalleled immersion right now.

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SCS Map Improvements – this mod improve default map from ATS game. the map has got some name rebranding so now it’s called “SCS map improvements” (with additions in every part of the mod with the area name which this part contains, example “SCS map improvements – Bellingham heights). I decided to do this way because of going more forward and not stopping only in Bellingham area.

Features SCS Map Improvements:
– separated in 2 parts;
– add custom changes to the default ATS map;
– requires all DLC;
– not compatible with CanaDream Map.

Now the map are separated to parts:
-“Base” scs file is a mandatory part (contains models and definition part of the map).
– Other parts are can be installed by everyone’s wish (depended of which territory are needed to be improved for him):
– “Bellingham Heights” – Former “Bellingham Heights improvements” file but without models and defs.
– “Untitled others” – sectors in Oregon which open hidden roads in Oregon (will be renamed as soon as I will start working in Oregon)

Changes in v1.0.602:
– changed definition of cities from .sii to new .sui fromat
– fixed little issue with using “goto burlington” console command when you would like to go Colorado’s Burlington but instead of it you go to Washington’s Burlington. (if you want to go Washington’s Burlington (Burlington WA) so write in console “goto burlington_w”)
– fake name of “Middle Fork Valley” town has changed to real one “Welcome”.
– some small polishing changes in landscapes and signage.
– added little road cafe on WA-9 for more attractive looking.

Tested on game version 1.39.x


American truck simulator mods / Maps

First release of Island Map.
This first release contains 3 cities on the big island — in Hawaii of course! Experience a lot of custom intersections.
A lot of time has went into this.
Almost a year now.
There may be some bugs

– Hilo
– Pahoa
– Volcano
– Tacoma Ferry (Washington)

C2C Based Maps require C2C Mega Resources patch
All other maps work just fine. This map does not interfere with any other mapped sectors to my knowledge.

Link 1 Map:

Link 2 Mega Resources:


American truck simulator mods / Maps


November 19, 2020

– includes all big Colombian cities
– detailed roads – standalone Map
– nice landscapes – New profile
– Requires All Dlc – Module colombia.mbd
– Download – Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;
– Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents / American Truck Simulator / mod folder;
– Run game ~>
Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
– Install

ATS V 1.39

Patrick ,scs, Adrian GOGO, Juan Sebastian

American truck simulator mods / Maps

Mapa de Bolivia ya actualizado para la 1.39 del american.
En este mapa esta desarrollado solo 5 ciudades Y distintos poblados las ciudades son:
Recuerda que este mapa requiere todos los DLC del ATS v1. 39

WaPlay (Mapa Bolivia ATS)

American truck simulator mods / Maps

Caribbean Map – new map to explore added for ATS players. The Caribbean Map for ATS will feature new countries to explore in ATS including The Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and more! This area for sure deserves representation in our vibrant ATS community! This will be an addon map to the ATS map, not a standalone map, while respecting the same SCS scale.

Features Caribbean Map:
– new countries to explore;
– real scale map;
– not standalone;
– requires Coast to Coast Map;
– traffic and pedestrians present;
– new vegetations, landscapes;
– All ATS DLC maps required.

Changes in v1.0.2:
– fixed bugs from previous version

Tested on game version 1.39.x

TerraMaps, b738pilot

American truck simulator mods / Maps

Changelog v0.8.8
added new company in Malta
terrain work in Malta area

Changelog v0.8.6
fixed viewpoint error in Sandpoint and Idaho Falls –
lights added in Missoula, Miles City and rest area between Butte and Bozeman –
various terrain gaps fixed –
some terrain work in Missoula and Miles City –


American truck simulator mods / Maps

SIERRA NEVADA V2.2.29 1.39.X

November 14, 2020

Changes v 2.2.29
Fixed bugs
Fixed invisible walls

Consider this;
-Only works for ATS 1.39
-You need Oregon, Washington, New Mexico DLC for the map to work
-Minor Urban Overhaul and US Expansion are not compatible and might cause crash. Use Minor Urban overhaul lite version.
-Google maps GPS mod causes crashes using the mod.

Link 1 Map:

Link 2 Mega Resources 2.1.19:


American truck simulator mods / Maps

Changelog v1.8
Update for 1.39 Release

Complete cities
San Luis Potosí
Salinas de Hidalgo
Villa de Reyes
Villa Zaragoza
Rio Verde
Real de Catorce
Villa de Guadalupe
Cd Maiz
El Naranjo
Cd Valles

American Truck Simulator 1.39.x + DLC Arizona + DLC New Mexico + Oregon DLC + Washington DLC + MEGA Resources 2.1.19 + México Extremo 2.1.18 + Viva México Map 2.0.9

load order
1.- MEGA Resources 2.1.19
2.- Mexssimap 1.8
2.- México Extremo 2.1.18
3.- Viva México Map 2.0.9


American truck simulator mods / Maps