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ETS2 cars mods

If you don’t have any mods in the game, you are basically restricted to driving only 9 or 10 different trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is quite a low number considering the vast open roads of more than 15 European countries that the map has to offer. However, everything is in your hands and if you wish to make your gaming/simulation experience more immersive or if you wish to feel like a real CEO of a logistics company and travel around the map fast and in style, download Euro Truck Simulator 2 car mods for free.
Trucks in the base game all handle pretty much the same, this is why the game, even whilst being a simulator, offers very little variety in terms of truck performance and handling experiences. Downloading a car mod for ETS 2 completely changes the way you play. Hopping from a truck into even a simple hatchback or commercial van is just like changing the world entirely. The cars are much more nimble, dynamic and offer a new and faster way to travel from point A to point B. You also have higher speed limits in highways which is very convenient.
All car and other mods for ETS2 in on Gamersmods are entirely free and you can download one or all of them. Unpack the archive (if necessary) and place the car mod in your /mod folder. Load the mod from your game menu and enjoy!

– Your interior

– Sound

– 4 Front bumpers

– 2 Rear bumpers

– 4 Lights

– 3 Fog lights

– 3 rear lights

– 2 Spoilers

– 3 mufflers

– 2 kinds of wheels

– 14 kinds of rims

– 4 types of chassis

– Painted

– Your sound

Huseyin Karadana, Faruk Aygun

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars

Changelog v1.3
Updated both versions to now be fully compatible with the 1.40 update and the Iberia DLC.

Special Transport Escort Police Mod

There are two different versions of this mod available for download. One version will replace only the front escort van and the other will replace both the front and rear escort vans.

The escort van/s will be replaced with the relevant police car for the country that the special transport mission starts from.

For example if the route for the special transport mission starts in Germany but will finish in the Netherlands then this mod will replace the front escort van with the police car for Germany.

Note: If the country that the special transport missions starts from has
more than one police car then there is a chance that the front escort will
be a different police car to the rear escort.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars

BMW M5 F10 V2 1.40.X

April 21, 2021

BMW M5 F10 version 2 for Euro truck simulator 2

Fixed to version 1.40

1.40 Sürümüne güncellenmiştir

Berkay Pekesen – Harun Aras – Erhan Özen

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars

AUDI S4 V2 1.40.X

April 19, 2021

Audi S4 version 2 for Euro truck simulator 2

Fixed to version 1.40

Berkay Pekesen – Harun Aras

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars

AUDI RS6 C6 V2.0

April 17, 2021


– Fixed headlights

– Edited some materials

– Edited tachometer display

– New sound

– New physics

– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)

– Reconfigured transmission (realistic specifications)

– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)

– Reconfigured animation delays & timing

– Minor edits and fixes

– Added more paintjobs

Nimit, Berkay Aksoy, Metehan Bilal, Harun Aras

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars

High-quality Mercedes Sprinter 2019 model for ETS 2

– Offline

– Sold in Mercedes

— 1 cab

— 2 chassis

-8 engines and 3 gearbox

– Your own wheels

– Your own interior

– Animations

– Wearing makeup

— Custom Fmod sounds

– Small tuning

Version 2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1. 37. x — 1.40. x):

– Mod adapted for new versions

– Updated sounds in Fmod format

– There is no animation of the windows yet, only sound

-The interior has been changed

– Added new engines and gearboxes

– Deleted outdated files

Note: there are 2 files in the archive, for versions 1.37. x, 1.38.x and 1.39.x, 1.40.x respectively


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars


– Fixed headlights

– Fixed mirrors & dashboard lights in day-time

– New physics

– New sound

– Major edits and fixes

– New license plate

– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)

– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)

– Replaced the old 7-speed automatic with 5-speed (realistic specifications)

*Probably the fastest car mod available right now that has a top speed of 360 kmph*

Hamza07502534, Update Nimit

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars


– Minor edits and fixes

– Fixed mirror

– Reconfigured sound on high RPMs

– Reconfigured transmission (improved realism)

Nimit, mstkmlnr

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars