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FS19 forklifts & excavators mods

Let’s see why forklifts and excavators are needed in farms in the first place. Forklifts are unique mobile pieces of machinery sometimes called lift trucks which have a powered hoist at the front which can be used to pick up items and lift them up or pick them from a higher place and put them down. Forklifts are usually used to unload cargo and to move hay stacks as well.
An excavator is a unique equipment (usually, also a vehicle) that has a moving and fully rotating cabin which has an arm (dipper) with a bucket at the end. The arm moves and is able to powerfully dig through the ground or pick up large quantities of material and reposition it. Excavators are commonly used in farm for a lot of different tasks that usually include construction work or something with relation to soil and wherever lots of digging is needed.
This equipment is always in high-demand on farms thus, you will also likely find a lot of use from them in FS19. Having the right equipment results in more fun farming which leads to better results and higher productivity. There are tons of unique forklift and excavator mods for you to choose from. If you like the mod, leave a 5-star review or a nice comment to support the developers! The mods are completely free for download.


November 10, 2021

AVANT multiloader with different tools

Changelog 1.6.0
add: Adapter – 3-Point

Changelog 1.5.0
add: Cultivator

Changelog 1.4.0
add: Roundbale fork
add: Adapter for Tailer
add: Option for worklights (Avant 420 + 750)

This package contains:
Avant 420 – Price 16.000 – Built 2011
Avant 750 – Price 38.000 – Built 2012

– Pallet fork
– Bale fork
– Roundbale fork
– Manure fork
– Hightip shovel
– Hightip shovel XL

– Adapter – Skidsteer
– Adapter – Trailer
– Adapter – 3-Point
– Cutter bar 1,60 m
– Collecting lawn mower 1200 – Arcade
– Collecting lawn mower 1200 – Pro
– Cultivator


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators

MECALAC MTX-12 V1.0.0.0

November 5, 2021

FS Miner’s Creations!
Hi guys ! time to share the Mecalac MTX-12 with you:)
This is my last mod for farming simulator 19 I will try to give some mods at new FS22;)


That mod pack includes to versions , one for mouse and one for joysticks.

You will also find
-Standard Mecalac Bucket 2.500l Capacity
-Wide Mecalac Bucket 4.500l Capacity
-Reversed Mecalac Bucket 4.500l Capacity

-B key raise R.P.M
-X key lower support
-X key removes collitions for the bucket
-Colorable Body And Design
-Tension Belt Support

Thanks Cyprus Gamers For the help!

Model Donated By @Jgelles

Feel free to share at your sites but keep the original link 😉

If you like get it if you don’t who cares ….

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FS Miner

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators


-Nokian Wide Tire Option Added.

-Rim Color Option Added.

-Original AGCO Chassis Color Added (Optional)


-Xtra Engine Option Added.

-Base Price Decreased.

-Minor Bugs Fixed.

Massey Ferguson 9407 S

-Base Price : 93000 $


Changeable main colors.

Changeable design colors.

Optional Guard Bar

Optional beacon light setups.

Fender Option

Steering Type Option

Front Guard Bar Option.

Animated door

Transparent Grid

-Tire Configurations






Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators

CASE W20E V1.3.0.0

November 3, 2021

Case W20e.
Medium sized loader.
– 2 wheel options
– Power: 170 hp
– Price: 95000 €

– adjusted the weight of the machine
– added a new color
– shell with new design
– added round hay tongs
– added square hay grabber
– added support for pallets
– added bag winch

– glass option added
– new wheels
– color selection on wheels
– color selection on fenders

– new colors
– height of shell increased
– added beacons

Specific cage for Case w20e.
-Price: 3600 €


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators

MANITOU MLT 737-120 PS+ V1.1

October 29, 2021

Manitou telescopic with the real manitou hook.

Simple IC:

– door

– door window

– rear tiles

Characteristics :

– Price: 98000 €

– Power: 129 hp

– Tire: 2 Trelleborg, 3 Michelin, 1 nokian

GIANTS Software

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators

VOLVO EC300E V2.0.0.0

October 24, 2021

Here is the Volvo EC300E for FS19, in a betterversion

(only the look has changed)

LS Modding TP, TMP, AxelModding, glxnn5h

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators

Frontlader Shovel Claas Pack for Farming simulator 19
41 color configuration
New Brand ClaasHun
CLAAS Shivel (FZ 30 / FZ 60)
940l, 1940l, 2940l, 3940l, 4940l, 5940l, 6940l


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators


October 19, 2021

FS Miner On Giants Modhub
My Protorype Skid Steer Mower now availble for consoles 🙂

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Farming simulator 2019 mods / Forklifts & excavators