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Catch the latest and greatest info from GIANTS Software, the creators of Farming Simulator 19. Starting with updates, DLC and update rumours, ending with patches, hotfixes and any important announcements or other important news – everything relevant to the Farming Simulator 19 community will be posted here, on our site’s FS19 news section.
We believe that if you are an active player of the game, you should be in the loop and updated on the important information that the game developers have announced or know the rumors which are circulating amongst other players. Knowing about upcoming DLC’s, fixes as well as other things can help you plan your finances, better anticipate upcoming releases and know when to visit our site to download free mods.
Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out the huge and diverse list of modifications for Farming Simulator 19 that we have to offer. All mods are free to download. You can support us and mod creators as well as developers by leaving 5-star reviews or writing positive comment reviews under their mods. Gamersmods – a place where you can get any kind of mod for FS19 as well as keep up to date with the latest news.

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Welcome to the first devblog for Farming Simulator 19! In the run-up to release we’ll be sharing in-depth details about the new and improved features coming in Farming Simulator 19. Today we’ll introduce you to the new farm creation systems that give you more options for how and where to build your farm. The central […]

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championship streamed live from the gameon in kielce poland 1

Farming Simulator Championship streamed live from the GameOn in Kielce, Poland. This weekend the GameOn convention takes place and you can watch the action live on Facebook! In the Farming Simulator Championship, the bale stack event in Farming Simulator 17, teams of 3 people compete against each other to win the grand prize: A trip […]

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The largest agriculture machinery company in the world comes to Farming Simulator 19! We are happy to finally unveil the highly anticipated John Deere brand, joining the largest garage ever in a Farming Simulator game. Farming Simulator 19 takes the biggest step forward yet with the franchise’s most extensive vehicle roster ever! You’ll take control […]

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celebrating 10 years of farming simulator 1

The Farming Simulator series turns 10 today Exactly 10 years ago, on the 14th of April 2008, the success story of the Farming Simulator series began. Right from the beginning, the first game of the series met the taste of the players and thus became a hit almost overnight. We would like to thank all […]

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For Farming Simulator 19 we have made a lot of improvements to the GIANTS Engine and the result is impressive. A lot has happened, especially in the so-called post-processing. High Dynamic Range Rendering allows us to display the complete spectrum of colors at the same time, the added Bloom will make light irradiation much more […]

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‘Farm like never before’ with Farming Simulator 19! Farming Simulator 19 will be released late 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While we are currently working on assembling the game’s first visual pieces, we bring you today the very first in-game image, as a taste of everything Farming Simulator 19 will have in […]

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The Farming Simulator series returns this year with a complete overhaul of its graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects to date, along with the deepest and most complete farming experience ever on consoles and PC, discover more in the Reveal Trailer unveiled today. Farming Simulator 19 will feature, at launch, […]

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