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Peterbilt 379X (2004-2006)

The Peterbilt 379X was only in production from 2004-2006 with an estimite of only 2000 units produced and was geared towards owner operaters. Special Edition 379X only came in solid colors with chrome accents which included chrome front fenders and silver trimed dashboard.
This 379X model was only offered with a caterpillar engine mated to a 18 speed transmission. The Standard 379X special Edition rolled off dealer lots with a 550 horsepower power plant, but with a special request owner operaters would bump the power up. The 379X was only available with a 70 inch unibilt sleeper ultra cab and was not offered in a tri-axle ,lift axle configuration.Any Lift axle configurations seen on the 379x was retro fitted by a private shop. All units produced as a 379X came with the extended hood which was bbc 127 and reguler 379 models came standard with bbc 119 hoods.

-Updated GPS toy
-Added a drawable ui on gps
-Fixes cabin navigator

Support for 1.46

FIX: soap98
Truck Model:”5150″
original Authors : Josh farley (REDNEK),PsyOdinAde Customs
current Authors : Thomas Parham,Chief86,Bansheewoj
engine sounds and engines : SCS Software
headlight upgrades by: Joko_P

FIX: soap98
Truck Model:”5150″
original Authors : Josh farley (REDNEK),PsyOdinAde Customs
current Authors : Thomas Parham,Chief86,Bansheewoj
engine sounds and engines : SCS Software
headlight upgrades by: Joko_P

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Running Lights v1.0

December 11, 2022

This mod adds various led lights, works on all trucks.

For 1.46


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

This mod is 12V-71 Straight pipe sound for SCS trucks and truck mods

Version 1.0 Feature:
Detroit Diesel 12V-71 476-600HP with straight pipe sound
Max volume regulation to reduce chance of sound flickering and prevent too loud sound
(Highly recommended to put engine, exhaust, turbo volume slider to max)
Featured full 3D directional sound for extra realistic feeling of sound
Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off and distortions
Custom exhaust distortions for realistic exhaust tone
Included idle jake brake system
Included Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST)

Slav Jerry

American truck simulator mods / Sounds

International 9900i Rework
This mod remodes many parts 9900, and also adds customized interiors.
Support for 1.46


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Alot has changed in this version and it was aot of work, hence the delay since the game update to 1.46.

The whole area around where Carlile in Fairbanks is located has been redone completely.
Added in Carlile’s Fuel/Chemical Depot.
Added in Carlile’s Truck Shop.
Moved Plaster and Sons, Mack, Freightliner to more suitable locations due to the revamp.
Changed the roads and speed limits for them to be inline with the real world.
Added in the roundabout at Danby St and Wembley Ave. (This was challenging)
Changed the intersection at Danby St and Johansen Expwy.
Changed the intersection halfway between Farmers Loop and Goldminers.
Reworked the Steese along that way.
Added in a new company with new jobs, Air Land Transport. Its is located across fom the Carlile Truck Shop.
Fixed a reported sign issue just north of the Wiseman turnoff.
Added purchasable Carlile Fuel Tanker Skin.
Added in K&W as parked tankers to Carlile Fuel and Chemical Division.
Please note other companies might show up as well at this stage I havent had time to redo all the different size tankers as parked vehicles.
Blocked off certain areas currently being worked on and those that have nothing past them. Added invisible walls as well.
Added in some fast food trailers one at the parking area past Hilltop and the other at Hotspot Cafe. Also added people in these locations.

Anything else I have changed or added I cannot remember.

The Winter Map will come in due course as I have yet to import the new map to it and the def changes, new parked vehicles etc, as well as changing the materials to Winter
that are burned into the map.

Reminder : Winter and Summer Map Profiles are compatible with each map.

Please report anything out of the ordinary here as usual.
Any crashing issues etc please dont forget to include your full game.log.txt as it is needed so myself or others can help you.

Load order has not changed it will always remain the same.

DO NOT use the Company Browser you will lock up your game or CTD.
Until modding information is available it is beyond my control.
You have been warned!

Any issues or further information can be found in my thread on the Official SCS Forums in the ATS Mods Maps section


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SMRS proudly presents International Prostar Fix for ATS 1.46

– Dashboard computer is working again
– Internal GPS is working again
– Reworked front lights
– Fixed sideskirt and sideflares appearance when changing cabins
– Fixed default cable stack appearance
– Added licence plates to front bumpers
– Added hood mirrors choice from International LT
– Added more Detroit Diesel engines
– Cleaned log from errors

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sell old version before enable this one to avoid crash to desktop.


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Project Texas v2.0 – 1.46

December 11, 2022

To launch Project Texas dlc New Mexico is required. No more mods are required for it to work fine.

Project Texas is compatible with a majority of ATS map mods, such as:
SAN RAFAEL ADD-ON (upcoming our team map mod)
some other map mods

Compatibility for 1.46


American truck simulator mods / Maps

Renault Clio 2 Symbol – this modification adds a french light car for ATS / ETS2 players with its own interior and wheels. You can add accessories to the cabin, as well as select the necessary tuning options. You can buy in any car dealer.

Features Renault Clio 2 Symbol:
– independent car model
– High-quality 3D model
– High-quality detailed exterior
– High-quality detailed interior
– the model has own wheels
– the model has own rims
– the model has own sound
– Correct car proportions
– Correct seat positions for peds
– working lights
– working mirrors
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– correct position of the Renault logo
– the choice of engine power
– the choice of chassis (3 types)
– the choice of wheels and rims
– the choice of body color / metallic paint
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
– The correct position of the player
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories
– Supports all major functions of the game
– compatible and with ATS / ETS2
– buy in all trucks dealers

Changes in v2.2:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46

Tested on game version 1.46.x

trzpro, yellow1441, crowbarattack

American truck simulator mods / Cars