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What truck is complete without a trailer, right? Most of the time, when you’re in-game in the ATS universe, you’re pulling a trailer, transporting cargo and carrying huge loads. The trailer and driving it from point A to B earn you money in the game and what is essentially the primary goal of American Truck Simulator. However, even though SCS Software (game developers) have put in a lot of attention towards making unique and detailed trailers, over time, the cargo transport gets repetitive, and you can see the same-looking trailers over and over again.
There is, of course, trailer customization but in reality, downloading ATS trailers mods is a much quicker and simpler way of customizing your in-game trailers and modifying gameplay experience.
By downloading free trailer mods for American Truck Simulator from Gamersmods, you can transport, even more, bigger, heavier or more challenging cargo. For example, you can download a dump trailer mod or a mod for a trailer in the ATS game that will make your truck look like the Road Trains of Australia. There’s nothing like that if you’re looking for even bigger challenges or more realism. Speaking of which, you can download trailers that resemble those, biggest companies are using in real-life. You can look like you’re delivering FedEx shipments or transporting goods for Walmart.
All mods are completely free and available for download. Don’t forget to rate the ATS trailer mod if you enjoyed it.


September 4, 2020

Standalone Trailer
Tested on 1.37.x – 1.38.x
Adjusted another axle
Mod Version 1.3
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Mark Brower

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

This mod makes the SCS Dry Bulk trailers ownable and working with the cargo market.
-Changeable bodies (Chrome and Weathered Chrome)
-Changeable chassis (Chrome and Weathered Chrome)
-Changeable wheels
-More cargo pickup and dropoff locations than the freight market dry bulk trailer (some realistic, some a bit more unrealistic)
-Support for single, STAA double, RM double, TP double, and triple trailers

Version 1:
-Initial release

Version 1.1:
-Added support for Rocky Mountain doubles
-Fixed cargo names and locations
-Added support for changeable wheels/tires/hubs etc.

Version 1.2:
-Added support for STAA doubles
-Fixed trailer body weights

Version 1.3
-Fixed issue of there being no cables going from the first trailer to the middle of the dolly on RM and STAA double setups

Version 1.4
-File cleanup
-Added dealership “logo”
-Added cement cargo image

Version 1.5
-Added triples
-Added turnpike doubles
-Added cable support to the back of pup2
-Updated validity of trailers for the upcoming Utah DLC
-Fixed trailer brace animation issue

Version 1.6
-Complete re-work of file structure
-Separated body and chassis to support different body and chassis options
-Added chrome body and chassis options
-Added loads that were supposed to be in the mod before, but I somehow missed them (gypsum, sugar, silica)
-Added new pickup and dropoff locations for cargo (some realistic some a bit more un-realistic)
-UI fixes and improvements
-Made trailer standalone. Previously I had stated that it was, but discovered that it was not.

DNA Transport

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Merritt Gold Line 1.38

August 19, 2020

Merritt Gold Line livestock trailer

Castor(trailer), B4rt(base)

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Custom LPG tanker

Habdorn, Moises

American truck simulator mods / Trailers


Version 1.1:
– New bodies added (Chrome and Paint)
– Errors regarding sounds have been fixed
– Compatibility for Idaho and Utah has been added

This mod makes the SCS Fuel Tanker trailers ownable and working with the cargo market.
-Changeable bodies (Chrome, Paint, and Paintable Chrome)
-Changeable wheels
-Trailers have been re-UV mapped
-Features Regular single, Long single, Rocky Mountain double, and Turn Pike double configurations
-More cargo pickup and dropoff locations than the freight market fuel tanker (some realistic, some a bit more unrealistic)
-New cargo – Used Oil
-Pup in Rocky Mountain double made by me using the SCS regular fuel tanker as a base
Skins include both in game companies and real companies. The skins are: Chemso, Gallon Oil, Shell, Love’s, Chevron, Exxon, Jackson Energy, Mobil, and Texaco.


Version 1:
-Initial release

DNA Transport

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Credits: MLT


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Transcraft tl2000 Trailer – adaptation of the flatbet trailer with the addition of a crane to the rear of the platform. Quality trailer mod just good to transport heavy loads in ATS game.

Features mod Transcraft tl2000 Trailer:
– Autonomous;
– Sold by a trailer dealer in a separate slot;
– Support for cables;
– Animation of supports;
– Your cargo;
– Painted;
– A bit of tuning;
– customised fenders.

Tested on game version 1.38.x


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Benson dropdeck ownable 1.37 trailer. Has loads

Bansheewoj: Original model and testures.
KeithD: Cargos, Textures, Converting to ATS, Def file setup and packaging
Xav ler: AH Cobra cargo
Zetor: Cat Mutts cargo
The following group of CG artists for creating the cargo models: 3dcaster, Art-Studio3D, ed-gularte, fabelar, happylittlecloud, lukass12, maxpsr, mipan, ndsfla, novelo, Parzival, SCS, silverpak, silvertm, yaschan


American truck simulator mods / Trailers