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Untitled Livery Pack (1.39-1.40, 3/17/21)

March 22, 2021

Before I get into the intricacies of this particular mod, some brief remarks:

I plan on continually updating this pack. If you would like to request a livery, you can join my Discord (Bc4VMxaCNe). If you do submit a request, some images of what you’re looking for would be helpful, just because you submit a request does not mean I’ll fill it. You can also find livery PSD files in my Discord, free for you to use as you please.

I’ve taken a different approach to putting skins in game: As opposed to just putting the liveries in game, I’ve set up configurations accurate to real life that can be purchased at respective truck dealers. No new accessories are added, but it drastically simplifies the process if you would like to play realistically.

Given this, your game version does matter. The pack is optimized for 1.40, but I’ve also produced an altered version for 1.39 that is slightly less realistic. Moreover, while DLC parts from the Wheel Tuning Pack and Steering Creations Pack are utilized, neither are required for basic function.

Feel free to redistribute, edit, steal, deface, or whatever else you want to do with my work, I couldn’t care less, no credit or permission required. Keep in mind the credits listed below, you may need to credit other authors.

Incompatibilities and bugs:
-None that I’m aware of, nor can I think of any mods that would create issues. Let me know if you experience any, I’ll be sure to add them.

This pack contains:
-United States Postal Service: 1x International Lonestar livery, 1x trailer livery. The USPS doesn’t use Lonestars, but they do use other Internationals, the vehicle has been done in that style.

-Shamrock Farms: 1x Freightliner Cascadia livery, 1x trailer livery. For some extra information, they have a few facilities based in the Phoenix area, their drives are authorized for hire and private property interstate transport. They can transport fresh produce, general freight, meat, refrigerated food, beverages, and paper products.

-Federal Emergency Management Agency: 1x Freightliner Cascadia livery. They don’t use the Cascadias, but they do use other Freightliners, the vehicle has been done in that style. No, this livery isn’t particularly attractive, yes, that is the way it is in real life.

-Thomas Transport: 1x Mack Anthem livery. The livery is done in the style of a 1951 Mack LFT.

-Valley Transportation Service: 1x Freightliner Cascadia livery. They don’t use Cascadias, but they do use other Freightliners, the vehicle has been done in that style. They’re based in Minnesota, authorized for interstate for hire transport. They are can transport general freight, household goods, metal, motor vehicles, wood, building materials, machinery, large objects, fresh produce, oilfield equipment, grain, dry bulk commodities, beverages, paper products, agricultural supplies, and construction.

Instructions for trailers:
If you would like accurate trailers, create them according to the following specifications:

Shamrock Farms:
-Single, 45 Ft., Sliding Tandem, Front, Reefer
-Roll Up door
-Steel rims with Red hubs
-Standard side lights and rear lights
-Standard mudflaps

United States Postal Service:
-Single, 45 Ft., Sliding Tandem, Rear, Insulated
-Roll Up door
-Painted Wall
-Advanced Paint rims with Silver hubs and Cap Paintable (both painted in 050505)
-Standard side lights and rear lights
-Standard mudflaps

-Logos and company decals: United States Postal Service, Valley Transportation Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Shamrock Farms.
-Decals: Frontiersman
-1.39 Testing and livery suggestions: GavAttackOfficialB
-General assistance: Mods Studio 2