Modifications 38330


November 10, 2020

Steel Silo to store the Mixed Ration. This silo is used in combination
With the Forrage Mixer, only then can you use all the features of both modifications.

-Increased the storage capacity to 500,000 liters.
-Download speed was increased.
-Improved textures.
-New store images and IconMod.
-Modified some translations.

This Steel Silo for Mixed Ration with the capacity to store 200,000 liters of Forrage,
It has a price of € 25,000, for which, you must pay € 25 of daily maintenance.

This mod has been created to use in combination with the Forrage Mixer of my own creation. For its perfect operation, first
place the mixer and then place this silo on the left side of the mixer as close as possible. Take a look at the images, although you can also use it freely like any other storage silo.

erShaba (VSR Modding Sur)

Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Objects

A simple building pack to place your own yard.
The building pack includes:
Cowshed for 100 cows
Price: 140,000 €
Daily maintenance: € 60

Pig house for 60 pigs
Price: 70,000 €
Daily maintenance: 45 €

Sheepfold for 50 sheep
Price: 55000 €
Daily maintenance: 40 €

Horse stable for 4 horses
Price: 50,000 €
Daily maintenance: € 30

Residential house with sleep trigger and 2 garages
Price: 75000 €
Daily maintenance: 25 €

Large garage and 3 open shelters
Price: € 24,200 to € 55,000
Daily maintenance: € 15 to € 25

Farm silo multifruit
Price: 85000 €
Daily maintenance: 45 €

The buildings are all automatically lit and
can be freely placed individually.
All buildings are ready for seasons.

Newly added buildings:
Cowshed without pasture for 100 cows
Price:95000 €
Daily maintenance:45 €
Trigger for the double gate: lower gate on the right, upper gate on the left.

Chicken coop for 30 chickens
Price:20,000 €
Daily maintenance:€ 10

The large cowshed now holds 200 cows.


Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Addons

CLAAS PP20 V1.0.0.0

September 21, 2020

Standard metaltech reloader trailer, made for CLAAS equipment.
Volume: 28000 liters.
Cost: 51,000.


Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Trailers


September 21, 2020

Modyfikacja przeznaczona Renault SDiL do Farming Simulator 17. Modyfikacja posiada poprawnie działające oświetlenie robocze wraz z stroboskopami. Modyfikacja posiada także polski modulator. W modyfikacji otwierać rolety gdzie znajduję sie zabudowa na foto teksturach. Za pomocą klawisza 7 na numpadzie wysuwa się centrum dowodzenia za pomocą klawisza 4 wysuwają się schody do wejścia a za pomocą klawisza 9 na numpadzie wysuwa się maszt oświetleniowy z tyłu pojazdu

Autor modelu do 17 Robsten TV
Autor reskinu Perła yt

Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Trucks

YAAZ 210 V1.0.0.0

September 21, 2020

Power: 165 l / s, speed: 70 km / h. Animation tidy, trailed, lighting, washable.
In the game it is used as a tractor; only dynamic objects can be transported in the back.

Siberian, Sergei Maslov, Sergei Psecnik

Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Trucks

MAZ 93866-044 2.1A

September 21, 2020

MAZ-93866-044 UPDATE 1.4 from “08.09.2020”
Semi-trailer universal created for the “Golden Spike” map v1.4.2A
The main purpose is the transportation of concrete slabs, as well as transporting
aerated concrete blocks, other goods on pallets and timber as well.
Removable conics for forest transportation have been added and the log forklift
script has been updated, now loading and unloading are paid.

Added the following scripts:
Dumping of cargo;
Dynamic hoses;
Board animation script;
Logical script from the author “igor29381” v4.0

Authors of the original version: irakls(Karlis), Kamazist12

AlERK, Yaevgeha85

Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Trailers


September 21, 2020

Volume: 12000 liters.
Working width: 12 meters.
Working speed: 20 km / h.
Recommended power: 270 hp
Cost: 123,000.
Sows wheat, barley, rapeseed, soybeans, corn, sunflowers, beets, grass, sowing radish.
Sows without preliminary tillage.

Version 3.1:
– Added potatoes, sugarcane and poplar.
– Replaced icon.
– Added fertilizers with a volume of 6000 liters.

The log is clean.

GIANTS,edit RT-mods

Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Implements & Tools

CLAAS K165 V1.0.0.0

September 21, 2020

Standard BREDAL spreader made for CLAAS technology.
Volume: 20,000 liters.
Working width: 24 meters.
Working speed: 20 km / h.
Cost: 67,000.
The log is clean.


Farming simulator 2017 | FS17 mods / Implements & Tools