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December 16, 2020

The authors paid due attention to the appearance of the map, namely nature, forests, and rivers. We tried to make sure that when you are on the map, you always have a happy eye from what you see. Buildings and objects have scuffs, dirt, shadows, Shine in the necessary places, and the effect of volume, such as brickwork. Also, a simplified collision is created on all objects, which reduces the load on the computer. Many textures have been redrawn to make them more plausible, such as bushes, reeds, grass, ground color, etc. We also use our new unique textures of excellent quality on buildings.

*Map size increased by 4 times in relation to Goldcrest Valley.
*Crops on the map: standard + rye, rice, onions, carrots.
*Animals: Completely changed concept.

Manuscript GT

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps

– Price: 97,580.
– Service per day: 15.
– engine power: 235, 330 HP
– Speed: 38 km/h.
– Fuel tank capacity: 320L.
– Choice of design (standard, road, forest).
– IC management.
– Animation of mudguards.
– Engine animation.
– Animation of the fan.
– Animation of the dashboard.
– Working lighting equipment.
– Working mirrors.
– Gets dirty and washes.
– Dynamic exhaust.
– Adapted to the fashion of MR.
– Included: blade, bucket, log grab, pallet grab and fork for loading bales and hay.


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MAZ 93866-044 2.1A

December 16, 2020

MAZ-93866-044 UPDATE 1.4 from “08.09.2020”
Semi-trailer universal created for the “Golden Spike” map v1.4.2A
The main purpose is the transportation of concrete slabs, as well as transporting
aerated concrete blocks, other goods on pallets and timber as well.
Removable conics for forest transportation have been added and the log forklift
script has been updated, now loading and unloading are paid.

Added the following scripts:
Dumping of cargo;
Dynamic hoses;
Board animation script;
Logical script from the author “igor29381” v4.0

Authors of the original version: irakls(Karlis), Kamazist12

AlERK, Yaevgeha85

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BLONIEC3 V1.0.0.0

December 16, 2020

Welcome back.
Pleasantly surprised by the number of downloads, I decided to publish Błoniec3. I added a dozen fields closer to the center of the map and to the northeast, three dirt roads, bumpy and even.
I improved minor visual details detected after playing for a long time. I removed the dirt near the troughs from the map because I taught the animals to eat with a knife and fork.
Cow manure spawns in the back of the central farm barn next to the slurry tank, under this pile of manure texture that has no collision, you can normally
scoop from it if the fudge has already done something. Those who liked the previous version will like this one even more. Have fun.


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December 16, 2020

– reworked: Container-pack, Semi-trailer Tonar, Ural flatbed, MAN Station wagon, Grocery semitrailer, Pak 4 containers. New cargoes have been added: white rice (packaged, peeled), eggs, halva-kozinaki, meatballs, pilaf.

Парасенко, Петушарик и Лымаренко

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps

T-150 TRACKED V1.1

December 16, 2020

– Ordinary tracked tractor of 3 traction class
– Lighting technology works
– Interactive control
– Dynamic exhaust
– Animated caterpillars
Engine hood cabin models from RusAgroTech

RusAgroTech, IGORyaN, Editing: Prince

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Tractors

72X160 SHOP V1.0.0.0

December 2, 2020

This model is a 72 x 160 shop with a small side office.
This building needs to be placed using GE.
Please enjoy this building, there is no need to contact me for permission to use this building.
All i ask is that you give me some sort of credit if uploaded to other sites.
If this model is used in a map do not worry about giving credit.
CBJ Midwest Modding is just glad to be able to give back to others. Enjoy

Textureing, Model:CBJ Midwest Modding
Steel Diffuse Textures: Karmarj

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November 10, 2020

Steel Silo to store the Mixed Ration. This silo is used in combination
With the Forrage Mixer, only then can you use all the features of both modifications.

-Increased the storage capacity to 500,000 liters.
-Download speed was increased.
-Improved textures.
-New store images and IconMod.
-Modified some translations.

This Steel Silo for Mixed Ration with the capacity to store 200,000 liters of Forrage,
It has a price of € 25,000, for which, you must pay € 25 of daily maintenance.

This mod has been created to use in combination with the Forrage Mixer of my own creation. For its perfect operation, first
place the mixer and then place this silo on the left side of the mixer as close as possible. Take a look at the images, although you can also use it freely like any other storage silo.

erShaba (VSR Modding Sur)

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Objects