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Status Update 07 Aug. 2020

August 16, 2020

With the status update of 28 Feb 2020 we mentioned tutorials as a topic and today we would like to go into it again.

We have integrated an extensive tutorial system into the game that explains in detail the individual steps and possibilities in Cattle and Crops.

We have separated the tutorials into various sections, all of them can be expanded later as needed. This is e.g. the operation of the player, vehicles operations and the interface; and extends further to soil cultivation, sowing, fertilization, harvesting, transport and processing, animal procedures, plants and objects, and helpers.

The individual tutorials are listed in main categories. Each tutorial can be played by itself and independently. Furthermore, they can be repeated at any time. Even if you get stuck in-game, you can always start the fitting tutorial from within the game, which should answer all your questions. After finishing the tutorial you can begin the next tutorial in the same category or return to your game.

With the tutorial system implemented at game release, we want to make it easier for all new players to get started to the world of Cattle and Crops and give the old hands a tool to explain the intricacies and complexities of Cattle and Crops.


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