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Usually, you don’t pay that much attention to the sounds too much. They’re new and exciting the first time you hear them but after a while, they kind of fade into the background and concede the 1st place to visual clues and visual fidelity. However, this is the role sound should be playing. It’s the job of the sound effects to make the game more immersive and engage, replicate (simulate) the real-world experience of truck driving. Even though there are many great things with the ETS2 game, sound effects are not its top quality. All engines sound similar and mechanical sound effects of the trucks are similar, if not identical, even if the trucks are of different makes and models.
By downloading sounds mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can make the truck engines sound more realistic and less linear like it is now. There are also open pipe sound mods which truly make your truck’s diesel engine (V8, preferably) open up. Other sound mods include the aforementioned mechanical clicks, whooshes, clunks, whines and a bunch of other sounds that truck drivers hear in real life.
On the other hand, you have fun sound mods that can change the GPS voice or turn the truck horn into a funny melody. So, whether you’re aiming for realism or fun, you will definitely find mods that will help you fulfil that goal, here.
All sound mods are free. Download them and leave a review if you liked it!

El Moh Gamer – Algeria Stations Sounds – ETS2
How to add Mod:
Docu \ ETS2
This Radios By El Moh Gamer
Version: 1.39.x

El Moh Gamer

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

This sound by SCS, but a bit tweaked. FMOD project was created from scratch.
Sound quality: 100%
Sound system: 7.1
sound mod for 1.39


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Mod tested on version

Polish voice for navigation

1. Click the download button
2. Download the rar file and unpack it
3. Place the scs file in the mods folder
4. Place it anywhere in the mod manager
5. Sound settings find voice and activate
6. Required game version 1.38 XXX

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Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Version 4.0
– Updated to v1.39

– Completely re-designed, re-structured, and re-sampled all the sounds of SCS.
– Using the whole sound library that SCS ever released in the base game file, a New MIX of sounds according to the recorded samples by SCS and respective engines.
– The Interchanging of sounds in the game has now been accurately re-defined.
– With a New Formula to mix all sounds (transitions that reach 200-400rpm per sample based on dependency) is used in mixing the sound. This has resulted in a success up to 90% of Sound Smoothness, when ever revving the engines or when ever the revs fallback.
– Carefully taken care of Horn Sounds that resemble the magnificent Hadley and FIAMM Horns of European Trucks.
– On the Basis that SCS has made a GREAT Improvement in the Miscellaneous Interior Stick Sounds, a unique Low Air Pressure Sound for every truck along with wiper sounds was only added to each sound improvement. Stick sounds that play for blinker sticks and so on were recorded uniquely for every truck as new by SCS and independently added for every truck. As a result, a decision not to replace such sound samples.
– And many more improvements made.

R.J Productions

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds


November 19, 2020

Hello i updated the turkish whistle with a new airhorn to version 1.39


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

V8 Crackle sound mod for RJLS Scania 4 Series & T4 & Caspian Customs Scania R 4 series and T4 series.
Changelog: Removed the modified horn and blinker for some while they will be added soon.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

SCANIA 164L V8 SOUND V1.2 1.39

November 15, 2020

Changelog v1.2
Update for 1.39

Changelog v1.1
Added real V8 horn and air horn
Added crackle variant too.

Converted Scania V8 4 Series Open PIpe made by Kriechbaum and reworked by me.It will work with Caspian Customs Scania R 4 series and T4 series.It is specially also made for the Scania R4 and T4 addon by RJL.100% fresh and windy sound.Here you may enjoy using my sound.
with Crackle

ArTrailfanRaf214, Kriechbaum, Oxygen(horns), aLmono, Oxygen

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Navigation Yandex Alice for Euro truck simulator2
Updated for compatibility with new patches
This mod adds voice navigation “Yandex Alice”.

TheAlive55, Robinicus, Yandex.

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds