Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps
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November 18, 2018

FEATURES: animals markets Apple tree farm fish pallet meat pallet emply pallet saw mill at the forest apple as food for horse!! Beef Pig Horse Fish Season ready(untested) You have to make your own Seed you have to make your own fertilizer you have to make your gas at the bio plant take pig, horse , beef and fish to the 2 slaughter houses option this map is a multiFruit maps all standard fruit plus carrot cotton oat sunflower soybean Hemp Thanks for all the people help me with the fixed in joy the map this map is final Thanks you all the modder that help me Chief86 (BGA) American Style Modding install Scripts and features) Midnite Modding (converting the map to FS15 to FS17) papasmurf modding (add Features and testing and Stuff) REQUIRED 2 FILES DOWNLOADS BOTH FILES THANKS AMERICAN FARMS 5.1 Note: don’t pm me or contact me … please post a message in the support help area not the comment area. Authors: Chief86/American Style Modding/Midnite Modding