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If you’re looking for a bundle of mods – Pack mod is the category for you. By downloading mod packs you not only save time, but also improve your gameplay instantly by adding a larger magnitude of mods. This method is favored by many gamers and they find it fast and also handy when the need for change occurs. Just click download and enjoy!

pack kamaz for map russia v1 2 2


November 11, 2018

Description: Pack Kamaz – transports all products on the map. 37 pieces of equipment. Map can be taken here – Map of Russia v1.2. Changes: 1. Added flatbed semi-trailer for the transport of products from production. 2. Refs now ship only products. Based on a large pack of KamAZ + added: Kamaz with a hook […]

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russia start pack for map russia v1 2 12

STAR 244RS V1.0.0.0

November 11, 2018

Description: Speed max 70 What does the mod have? – Color selection – Dynamic hoses – Two different load boxes – Changing the capacity of the load box – And the like PS: The BSS P93SH trailer from ModHhuba is the most suitable for it Authors: Waldek691, ZeFir_POLAND, Banana Joe Modding, Du-mont, TruckerStas, Northern_Strike

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
1514 zil pack custom v1 6 0 1


November 9, 2018

Pack “non-standard” truck ZIL Modifications: ZIL 130, ZIL 133, not commercially available. 5 flatbed trucks. 2 tractor unit. 3 semi-trailers and one trailer. Some were mass-produced, others existed only in test samples. Working lighting, dashboard, mirrors. Wash and dirty. Pack includes: 1) Onboard truck Zil-130G. Power: 150 l / s, speed: 82 km / h. […]

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
mod pack feature v1 0 1


November 6, 2018

Description: 1-MoreTrees Higher Level for planting trees 2-Cruise Control Addon Extends the cruise control of vehicles by allowing the player to save three speed settings and easily setting the cruise control to these speeds. This could be working speed, headland speed, and road speed. The saved settings are shown on an HUD overlay, when enabled. […]

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
gullefass pack v1 0 1


November 4, 2018

This is a pack containing 2 manure barrels. This is a pack which includes 2 Zunhammer slurry tanks. What does it have, what can it do? Different options to choose different tires Dynamic Hoses Pants system Brand Choice: Zunhammer, Bauer, Eckart, Stack What is new? – Heckhydraulik on 18500L was removed and replaced by a […]

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
ccterrastarservice 1 5


November 1, 2018

Description: Workshop trigger, fuel trigger, seed trigger, fert liquid and solid triggers, fuel trigger motor options working crane and also outriggers real strobes and custom coronas enjoy. Title: Cc TerraStar Service Power: 1000 Price: 60000 Dailyupkeep: 20 Brand: PETERBILT Category: Trucks Authors: Rusty Savage AF modding, Anpaes, Fuct’d Modding, Countryboy Modding, WMF Modding, Bigbadbruno.

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
pack mods for kerosene map v1 0 1

Description: Pak technique for maps kerosene. The mod-pack includes Russian mods: tractors, trailers, agricultural equipment, combine, trucks. Only 20 units: 1. BM-6B 2. 2ПТС4 3. DT-75 and blade 4. Forager 5. КДН-210 6. Kirovets K-700 7. Cultivator and coupling: KPS-4N KPS-4 Coupling KPS-8 8. Pack plows PLN (3-35 – 8-35) 9. ChTZ T-170 10. Animal […]

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
fs17 pack duo camper caravane by bob51160 v 1 0 0 0 1

Description: The motorhome is a pure fun mod. Co-driver’s script for 4 persons interior lighting Trailer hitch with Dynamic Hoses (electric only) several indoor cameras Detailed interior (RETRAVAILLER BY BOB51160). Here comes my Hobby Prestige 650 caravan for download. This is a pure Fun-Mod, which offers no other functions. In combination with cars, but there […]

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs