Farming simulator 2017 mods / Trailers
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October 14, 2018

Description: This is the standard Giants software Krampe Bandit SB 30/60, which was transformed by me into an XXL version. With a capacity of 200'000 liters, it is the ideal dump truck to refuel my New Holland CR 10.90 Tuning Edition. Since the full trailer is very heavy, many horsepower is needed. Therefore, I recommend you my JCB Fastrac 8000 heavy modified Edition in one of the strongest settings ( you can even install the 100'000 horsepower engine, that is in the case really not too much) or another tractor with a lot of horsepower. The mod was tested by me, no errors were found and the log is clean. Changed things: Capacity increased to 200'000 liters. Brakes improved. Here are the links to the mods mentioned in the text. I do not want anything in the style of "that is so unrealistic" in the comments, etc ..., I like unrealism myself, others like it and for exactly the gamer this dump is meant. If someone does not like it he should download something else. Otherwise, I thank you for downloading and wish you a lot of fun with this tipper. Authors: Modell: Giants Software Textur: Giants Software Script: Giants Software Idee / Konzept: Zocker730 Tester: Zocker730