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September 21, 2020

[ENG] Bobes map fs17
[FR] Salut c’est encore moi le Robin des bois du mapping pour vous ce soir voici la bobes de bzh. La voici pour vous la commu montré lui qu’ont est pas une communauté dite “de merde”.

bzh construction

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South Moravia is the warmest region in the Czech Republic. South Moravia is a region of wine, sun, folk traditions and hospitality. Here you’ll experience the sunniest days of the country, which is very favorable for the countless vineyards – sunflowers are also evidence of this warm climate.
Weather is based on data from Mikulov.

-Fix inscription in icon
-animal husbandry is now governed by seasons 19
-minor adjustments to crop growth
-harvest time correction
-more realistic canola growth


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This forest disc mulcher is the latest development from Lizard. Due to its robust and at the same time small design and his disc with 30-teeth, it is particularly well suited for cutting free and createing paths. Also suitable for cleaning areas.
Price: 18900€
Required hydraulic output : 30-44 GPM
Own weight: 1100Kg


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Descriptions: JCB pickup tractor (utility), with belts, color changeable. Authors:Giants Software, Oylerhenry, Farmer_Andy, jao Orginal Link: Download mod

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January 23, 2019

Description: Changes v2.0.0: 1.Gaz-66 at the start of the game is replaced by zil-130 with a trailer. 2.Map moved to new scripts. Changed the food plan for animals, carefully study the menu cards in the game. 3. Added storage of grain and current for drying and cleaning of grain. Now it is necessary to bring […]

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KAMAZ 5511 V1.1.0.0

December 30, 2018

Description: Price 10,000, service 11, power 210 hp, max. speed 90 km / h, fuel tank 175 l, lighting, parting animation, body selection. Authors: ZHEKA, Elena

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December 30, 2018

Description: Body volume: 75,000 liters. Speed: 62 km / h. Power: 1000 hp Cost: 200,000. Version 1.2: – Fixed category error. The log is clean. Authors: winston9587

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Trucks


December 30, 2018

Description: Hello community, Today I present you my Goldcrest Valley 2.0. I’ve really changed a lot of the map and rebuilt it. In the beginning I have to say that she is not necessarily suitable for reality fetishists, because on the map everything is a bit bigger, especially if you use the enclosed special yield […]

Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps