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May 4, 2021

A bridge pack to get over ditches, rivers or roads.

This package contains
three bridges: “Small Bridge”: to cross small trenches or rivers.
“Medium-sized bridge”: To cross roads or rivers.
Single-Wheel Bridge: This means that you must place two of them to build a bridge. Here it is possible to adjust the width yourself!
These bridges are all made from wood and are very low prices!
Small Bridge: 550€
Medium-sized bridge: 925€
Single-wheel bridge: 700€

To get the full functionality of these bridges, there are
some important steps to make this work properly:

1) Make sure to have one side of the bridge level before you place it!
2) After you have done this, open the shop and select the bridge you want to use. If the bridge does not fully cover the crossing, you may need to balance some of the transitions until the bridge fits.
3) Next, place this bridge on the leveled surface.
4) Finally, lift the ground around the sides of the bridge if necessary to get a smooth transition from the ground and fix the terrain under the bridge if it has been spilled!


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