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If you can’t find the mod category for the mod that you’re looking for, if you have a hard time figuring out where your mod can be or if you want something different to add to FS19, you came to the right place. In the category of FS19 other mods, players can expect to find exciting, unique and very different modifications for their game. For example, some additions work like addons but aren’t really addons, they’re just tools that a developer or a very experienced player could use.
There are also mods for other types of tools and items that couldn’t be put in any other category that we have on our mod catalogue. There are a lot of other mods that you could use. They will all change the way you play, like by adding unique and fun holiday-inspired items or by changing some mechanics of the game. In general, the category of ‘Other FS19 mods’ is usually inhabited by unique and rare solutions for players of the simulator who definitely want to change particular details about their gameplay.
Check out the Farming Simulator 19 other mods to find something that can truly eliminate monotony and boredom from your gameplay. Download other mods for Farming Simulator 19 for free!

LS19 Seasons lighting by Inch20 & Bizonek56
Good morning seasons lighting seems to you
SetFogPlaneMieScaling 140 is the best XD graphics
Greetings to the whole group of old Brentix

Inch20 Bizonek56

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

Hey! I took a lots of hour to make a autodrive course for the whole map. All fields and all sellpoints and animals. have fun.

Beaver play

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

Have all fields set up with course, same with selling points, animal dealer, an the hay dealer. I have ran it as much as possible but if you find any errors lmk an I will fix it. Thanks for downloading

I joined field 58&60 into one field, so they are not set up for autodrive.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


October 28, 2021

It a leaf blower that doubles as a chainsaw.

Expendables Modding – convert to FS19
Vortex1988(FSI Team) – FS17 version

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

Have all fields set up with course, same with selling points, animal dealer, an the hay dealer. I have ran it as much as possible but if you find any errors lmk an I will fix it. Thanks for downloading.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

– Premium potatoes and pigfood will now be produced in bags
– moved playertriggers
– added details
– some small improvements

This Potatosorter sorts washed Potatoes and produces Premium potatoes and pig feed.
– Input: washed potatoes (see required Mods)
– Output:
92% Premium potatoes
8% Pigfeed

The Premium Potatoes can be sold for a more than doubled price at any selling station.

Premium Potatoes will be put into bags of 500 liters. Pigfood will be put into bags of 300 liters. These can be moved by hand.
For the impatient ones: now also you can tip the washed Potatoes with a huge Trailer into the sorter. Tested with the Krampe truck trailer.

Production: 6000 liters/hour
Price: 2800€

Required Mods:
– GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)
– GlobalCompany – Potatowasher (By: no.naim (LSMC), DerElky)

no.naim (LSMC), DerElky

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


October 26, 2021

Since the latest update my combine keeps stopping in the corners, more so on the first pass since the latest update
Stock combine/mod combine makes no difference
3 runs on headland
The fix is already on master I just didn’t had the time to push a hotfix release.

Push Release
Moved all the old cp.workwidth to the Work width setting.
Moved cp.laneNumber to the multi tools setting.
Created a field edge path setting instead of cp.fieldEdge.
Removed old cp.laneOffset
Small MP toolOffsetX fix.
Fixes custom fields in MP.
Small work width fixs for mods.
Enables automatic work width calculation for shovels.
Should fix #7324

Push Release
Fixed turn diameter bug. #7550
Enables Shields attached at front of ShieldAIDrivers.
Small CompactingAIDriver fix.
Enables automatic shield work width calculation.
diff small MP fixes
Use another speed in follow Chopper through Turn to make it more reliable

Push Release
Fixed mission fields in MP when a new player joins. #7476 #6530
Improved some settings in MP

Push Release
fixes mode4 refillmessage with vehicles that have another fillVolume by @tn4799
fixed #7432
fixed limited helper limit by @tn4799
should fix #7420
fixed an Issue for multitool course when use pathfinder in turns
fixed offset course for multitool
fix Stephan-S/FS19_AutoDrive#2086
fixed HUD Version Number
removed debuglines from HUD
add sugar cane trailers for mode3 (overloading)
improoved pocket handling (drive back before drive to unload course)
display full vehicle name by @KITT3000
Issue #7422:
Mode 10 only stops autodrive unloader if needed now.
Changed the mode 10 driver lane iterations.
The driver always starts at the middle and
drives alternating to the left and right side.
Small mode 9 trigger detection improvements, might fix #7440.

Push Release
Added pipe tool positions to mode 8 and combine AIDriver #7328
Added sugar cane trailer tool positions to enable unloading them #4021
Added harvester pipe positions #6053
Added TriggerSensor to handle the speed before a loading trigger in
mode 4 -> might fix #7299 as that one is hard to test, it does not always appear…

Merge pull request #7331 from Courseplay/DriverModeSetting
Diff changes

Push Release
fixes #7307
fixes #6818
fixes #7308
fixes #7312
created CourseDrawModeSetting (the eye Button on the HUD)
global info texts improvements (no setting to disable yet)
Thanks to @MddMBorg for:
Modified the SiloDriver to drive back less to prevent pushing chaff out of bunker as much with shield.
Added a check for a reverse-discharging driver to check the size of the heap, to make it drive over existing heaps a little bit before dumping.
Not Auto-repair Mission vehicles and tools.

2 LoadUnloadOffset settings
2 CombineOffset settings (old combineOffset and tipperOffset)
WaitTime setting
Wait time fixes
Added visible search radius on change mode 10
Diff fuel save improvements
partly fixes Wilson trailer
added MixerWagonAIDriver (mode 9/ shovel mode)
possible MP fixes

Mode 2 unload with AutoDrive (#7291)
Implementing feature request #5284
CP still needs a course for mode 2, but this can be any random
one even on the opposite corner of the map, as this one isn’t used at all.
Start CP driver with options ‘Unloading’ and use AutoDrive
‘refill/unload’. AutoDrive settings basically the same as for the
fieldwork drivers: use pickup&deliver, select a proper field
exit strategy and take care about appropriate drive on
percentage (has to be lower than the setting in CP).


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

The things modders do when they are bored… LOL, this was just a fun side project of mine. Just like my American Garden Hose on the mod hub this is a portable pressure washer. Once you buy it you carry it like a chain saw and pull it out when needed. Hope you enjoy it.

Credits: Giants/OK USED MODS

Price in game: $29
Category: misc

If You Discover Issues With This Mod Please Contact Us.
We Hope You Enjoy It!


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others