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October 10, 2021

Hello Community

Version — (Seasons, Precisions and ManureSystem Ready)
Corrected error in zip file (name), otherwise no changes

Here my new MountainHill2021 (Seasons-, Precisions- and ManureSystem Ready)
It is a 4-fold map, which brings many possibilities with it.
Naturally, the map was tested and works without errors and log entries.
Pictures say more than a thousand words….
Here are a few quick key facts about the map.
– 4 ways to start a new game
– Seasons GEO is integrated (RM-Seasons must be in the mod folder)
– except for the outlets and villages you have to buy everything else (depending on the start different)
– 11 different outlets
– 14 different productions
– 3 gas stations
– 95 different fields from small to large (also meadows)
– 60 buyable forest pieces that are sometimes larger, times smaller are
– with Seasons also the Map changes (not only trees, but also roofs, snow poles, ice etc….) at spring, summer, autumn and winter

At the Raiffeisen you can buy right “hops”, for beer production.
What, where in which silo fits, digital ads place or simply ausbrobieren.
Write me a PN, if you should find errors, or objects that still float above the ground.
On other sites, the map may only be offered with the original download link!
Now I wish you much fun with the map.

Required Mods:
GlobalCompany by LS-ModCompany:

Optional required mods (but beneficial):
GAE Cowshed by LS-ModCompany:


Precision Farming DLC:

Precision Farming Addon:

Slurry System:

Global Market Logistics Center from LS-ModCompany:

and the GlobalCompany – GlobalMarket – EXE


Zuckerfabrick: El Cid
Molkerei: LS19 Giants
Brauerei: LS11 GE-Mapping (Sil3nt-G4m3r)
Ballenlager: Die Landeier
Heizkraftwerk: aus LS15
Getreidelager aus Giants
Gartencenter: LS11 GE-Mapping (Sil3nt-G4m3r)
Großes Hofsilo: BernieSCS
BetonbunkerSet: Kastor u. d-s-agrarservice
Lagerhallen: Dogface
SeedTower: Der Hopfenbauer
Palettenfabrik: Susi und Wingi
Sägewerk: Susi und Wingi
Getreidemühle: aus LS19
BGA: aus LS19
Lagerhaus: aus LS15
Halle Komposter und Holzhacker: Lancyboi
FarmHouse: Edwards_Modding
Pferde-, Schweine-, Schaf- und Hühnerstall DonDiego Map: DonDiego00
Helicopter: Edwards_Modding
TrafficCars: Dutch-Modding