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Follow this page to get the latest & hottest news about the FS22 game as well as 3rd party development updates which are relevant to all Farming simulator 22 players out there. Here you’ll find all relevant updates and news about the game from the developers. We will publish it as soon as something comes out and new information becomes available. We want to offer you more insight into the world of Farming simulator 22.
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You want to see more gameplay from Farming Simulator 22? In the form of a gameplay trailer, perhaps? We can do that – watch it below!

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

Prepare for gamescom! Because we are preparing to reveal more of Farming Simulator 22 on Friday, August 27th at 9pm CEST. On our official Twitch channel, we’ll have some exciting news for you. Here’s what you can expect.

Unveiling the European map
You already got to know Elmcreek, our Midwestern US map in Farming Simulator 22. Erlengrat will be back, too. The third map is still to be revealed, and now it’s time. Inspired by the Mediterranean region in Europe, some of you already guessed right about the country it’s set in. To know for sure and find out what the new map looks like, tune in and watch our stream!


First gameplay trailer
The first trailer of Farming Simulator 22 set the mood for the new installment of the series: Our cinematic trailer showed father and daughter working the field together, rewarded by delicious grapes after some challenges that come with the profession of farming.

You can watch the cinematic trailer below. If you want to know how it was made, there’s a Making Of, too. For gamescom, we have the very first gameplay trailer prepared, showing you actual scenes from the game.

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

The Precision Farming Project, led by EIT Food and John Deere, continues with a new and improved DLC for Farming Simulator 22. We talked to Thomas Engel, Manager Technology Innovation Strategy at John Deere, about the upcoming version of Precision Farming for the game.

Watch the interview by Stefan Maurus, our Gameplay Programmer and Lead Integrator of the Precision Farming features, down below!

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

Just unveiled and soon in the game: With the TRION 750 TERRA TRAC, agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS presented its brand-new top model in the compact combine harvester class, today – and we’re already showing you the virtual implementation, which you’ll be able to control in Farming Simulator 22 when it releases on November 22.

If you can’t wait and would like to see the CLAAS TRION 750 right away, enjoy the digitalized version of the machine in augmented reality!

“At home on every field”

When developing the new combine harvester, it was particularly important to manufacturer CLAAS to design a machine that could cope with the tasks of all field types. “No matter whether it’s hilly, flat, large or small, near the coast or in a rather dry area,” CLAAS promises. So for the three different regions you farm in Farming Simulator 22, the new TRION is ideally suited.

In the game, you can expect flat fields in the Midwest of the United States as well as curved fields in the hilly Alpine region and the varied landscape of a Mediterranean region – so the international machine manufacturer from Germany comes into play wherever you need it to thresh precisely, powerfully and reliably.

Choose your configuration!

You can choose from three different configurations for your farm: The top model, the TRION 750, offers you 435 hp and a grain tank capacity of 12,000 liters, just like its real-life counterpart.

With the CONVIO FLEX 1080, you also get the fitting header and then choose the rear tires by Continental or Vredestein for your combine that got the TERRA TRAC tracked undercarriage that protects the soil.

Try the AR model now!

Use the camera on your mobile device to make the harvester appear in your living room – or wherever you are. Simply scan the QR code on your desktop with your camera app or click the link in the mobile view and the CLAAS TRION 750 TERRA TRAC will appear on the screen embedded in your surroundings by the camera.

Then simply press the shutter button and share the picture directly with your friends or on social media. Feel free to use our hashtags #fitsyourfarm and #farmsim22 on Twitter and Instagram to share it directly with us and other fans!

More info at

Want to learn more about the new CLAAS TRION 750 TERRA TRAC? You can find more information about the recently unveiled combine harvester, its features and specifications on the manufacturer’s official website at

CLAAS fans (and everyone else) can’t just be excited about the new TRION in Farming Simulator 22, though: If you pre-order now, you’ll get the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack for free. The game will be released on November 22 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

With Farming Simulator 22, you enjoy improved performance and graphics thanks to the latest version of our very own game engine. The GIANTS Engine 9 features DirectX 12, Parallax Occlusion Mapping, and a lot more. Lead Software Engineer Thomas Brunner explains what improvements you can look forward to. Watch his presentation below!

Why do we use our own engine?

Simply put, we need our game engine to do exactly what we need it to do, so you can farm on virtual fields. While other game engines are applicable to multiple games of a genre, like shooters or racing games, and may offer some things or features, ours currently doesn’t include, our in-house built GIANTS Engine has a whole lot of other requirements no other game engine out there can offer out of the box.

An engine is simply not interchangeable without major adjustments. To use another engine for Farming Simulator would require a huge amount of customization. And, in the end, we’d basically have what we’re already using – our own, customized engine. Also, only with our own solution, we can offer the extent of modability, for example. If you want to know more about this, Thomas explains it more in-depth ins his presentation above.

What performance features can you expect?

DirectX 12

For the PC version of Farming Simulator 22, you can enjoy the benefits of DirectX 12. In previous versions of Farming Simulator, we used DirectX 11 / OpenGL. Compared to DX11, the latest DX12 gives developers more control of how their game interacts with the CPU and GPU.

That means, the GIANTS Engine 9 can directly manage resources and states, so we can control and manage them more efficiently. As a result, we have less driver overhead and more free CPU resources for other tasks.

Texture Streaming

On top of that, we added Texture Streaming to the GIANTS Engine. With this, we dynamically load higher or lower resolution versions of the textures based on what is actually visible on screen. This allows us to put even more objects into the world and to reduce the used slots per vehicle since we no longer need to make sure that we can load the full textures of all vehicles. Also, the loading times are reduced, since less texture data needs to be loaded at the start.

Occlusion Culling

Occlusion Culling is another important optimization technique. It allows us to make even more detailed worlds. Occlusion Culling basically prevents the engine from performing any expensive rendering for completely hidden objects. For example, boxes hidden behind a barn are not rendered until you see them – boosting performance by saving resources.

What new graphics features can you expect?

Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)

Farming Simulator 22 features Temporal Anti-Aliasing. It is an approach to reduce unwanted rendering artifacts such as jagged edges or flickering specular highlights using the information from previous frames. The GIANTS Engine 9 uses a high-quality temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) algorithm by default, but it can also be disabled for performance reasons or if you don’t like the results.

In previous games, we enabled MSAA by default as an Anti Aliasing solution. Compared to MSAA, TAA is faster and usually leads to better results. For example, MSAA only improves the quality of geometric edges, but TAA also reduces other artifacts such as flickering specular highlights.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Parallax Occlusion will make the terrain and other surfaces in the game look more detailed and dynamic if the feature is turned on in the settings. The result looks very realistic and adds a depth to the surfaces in the game. Like the tire tracks on your field, for example, trenching in the ground. We covered this in another article. Find out more about Parallax Occlusion Mapping!

Improved Shadows

We made several shadow rendering improvements in the GIANTS Engine 9. One of the most notable changes is that we are now able to render the shadows much further away. This helps to increase the visual quality in the distance and your farmlands will appear more natural and realistic.

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

Farming Simulator 22 releases November 22nd, and we unveiled the release-date with a Cinematic Trailer a few weeks ago. Since the feedback on the trailer, showing you an atmospheric outlook on the game, was overwhelmingly positive, we asked our dear friends at the French animation studio Capsule to share some exciting insights from behind the scenes.

Haven’t seen the trailer yet?
And they did! But, if you haven’t seen our Cinematic Trailer for Farming Simulator 22 yet, watch it now! You’ll find the behind-the-scenes featurette down below after the exciting trailer in its final form.

And that’s how it was made…
Capsule’s Co-founder Stéphane Montel and his colleagues explain in detail how it was made: Technical Character Director Alice Ruquier explains how our two protagonists were animated, Environment & Lighting Artist Samy Seffadj tells you about the authentic implementation of tractors and other objects, and Stéphane will also explain, why Capsule chose different music themes for our two characters. But see for yourself:

Meet Sophia and Jacob

If you watched our trailer closely, you noticed that our two protagonists are not just father and daughter. They have actual names, too! Our two farmers are named Sophia and Jacob.

They were performed by the French-Spanish-American actress and director Anaïs Parello and actor Dominic Gould you might already know as a virtual face from other video games, and a variety of movies and TV shows.

After looking for the perfect faces to represent our characters we decided that Anaïs and Dominic would be perfect for the roles. And we were right! Judging from the behind-the-scenes recordings, they seem to have had a lot of fun, too!

We thank Capsule as well as Anaïs and Dominic, and everyone else involved in the making of this awesome trailer and for the fantastic work!

We hope you liked our Cinematic Trailer and had fun looking behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more Farming Simulator 22 as we have more exiting news to share in the coming weeks!

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

In Farming Simulator 22, you need to prepare for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. If you don’t, you’ll see your valuable crops wither away. That is, if you choose to play with seasonal cycles enabled, of course.

Today, we show you more of the new feature and invite you to watch our FarmCon presentation in case you missed it. Want to know more about FarmCon and recent news from our community event? We’ll provide more info in our summary! Here’s Gameplay Developer Jos Kuijpers from GIANTS Software providing you with an introduction of the seasonal changes in the game:

Visual changes through the seasons

Let’s take a look at the most obvious change: the visuals. Since we showed you the four seasons in Farming Simulator 22 last time, we updated the visual appearance of various assets in the game. The tint of trees, grass and bushes is more homogeneous now.

We updated the general game graphics, too (and we’re still working on it) – so, you’ll notice more detail here and there. Reflections on water, for example. Whether you look at season-specific aesthetics or not, nature looks more natural.

Since each season comes with its own characteristics, the atmosphere changes quite a bit throughout the year. In spring, trees start to grow their leaves in vibrant colors. They mature into lush green trees in summer. Take a look:

In Fall, the color pallet changes – the atmosphere turns a bit melancholic before everything will be covered in a thick layer of snow when winter comes around. Here and there, it even gets icy. We recommend paying the waterfall a visit to enjoy a cave-like place of solitude, riddled with icicles. But we won’t spoil it for you, right now!

Seasonal gameplay: on or off?

By implementing seasonal cycles, we added a new level of gameplay to Farming Simulator 22. It’s not just a visual thing. Unless you want it to be. In this case, you deactivate “seasonal growth”, so you plant and harvest your crops independently of the season.

The seasons in-game are divided into months. A year consists of twelve days. Meaning, each day in-game is the equivalent of a month. Using the timescale control, it is up to you how fast the days pass. Basically, a season can range from half an hour of playtime up to a long weekend.

If you still want to keep the seasonal charm of running a farm in the middle of winter – go ahead. You can turn off snow separately if you want. As usual, the new feature can be deactivated, so you have more control of your gameplay experience.

Seasonal gameplay on: Mind the calendar!

Do you want the full experience, including seasonal cycles with impact on gameplay? You’ll have to take a look at the new crop calendar, then! The calendar provides an important overview and tells you when you have to plant your crops, and when to harvest if seasonal growth is activated.

Take the new crops, for example: Grapes and olives have to be planted from March to June. Harvest season for grapes starts in September and last until the end of October. Olives, though, you have to harvest in the month of October. Sorghum, the third new crop in Farming Simulator 22, needs to be sown from April to May. It’ll be ready to harvest from August to September.

You also have to bear in mind that the demand for your crops, and therefore the selling prices, change throughout the year. To get the best price, you will have to store your harvested crops and sell them when the demand is high due to the season.

More to do, more to keep in mind

As you can imagine, snow covering your farmlands requires more actions from you. There’s some snow plowing needed to get rid of the snow and keep your roads and yards clear. Also, you have to plan ahead if animal husbandry is part of your farming operation. Store enough food for the winter!

If you don’t like to shovel loads of snow and don’t possess any animals, you might think about starting production chains. If you have the resources available, you can deliver them to various production halls to produce goods. You might even get into the hauling business to transport all the crops and goods to the next link in a production chain. Remember, you can start multiple production chains at once. As you can see, there’s still a lot to do in winter.

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News

At this year’s FarmCon, you got to see more of Elmcreek, our brand-new map inspired by North-American landscape in the Midwest. In case you missed our in-depth presentation, you can watch it below to get even more excited about the release of Farming Simulator 22 on November 22nd!

Senior Level Designer Florian Busse from GIANTS Software explains how Elmcreek came to – where the inspiration was taken from, why the layout of the farm and fields are the way they are, and more! Find the most important facts and brand-new impressions below, too!

What’s different from Ravenport?

The most obvious difference compared to Ravenport, the US map in Farming Simulator 19: The flat landscape has no coastline. Instead, Elmcreek has a hidden canyon with a cave, which contains big rocks, embedded seamlessly into the landscape.

In the “flat” area, you’ll also notice slight increases and decreases in elevation. So you can drive under our railroad line, which goes straight through the land with its underpasses, and you can even drive over it when you come across the railroad bridge or some of the various other bridges on the map that go above rivers and streams.

What else is there to discover?

The focus of Elmcreek is on vast areas of farmland. It’s basically a large industrial area with some residential areas and businesses. There are still spurs of infrastructure reminiscent of a large town on the map. There’s a gas station, various small businesses, residential areas, even a baseball stadium, and a bowling center. But also, if you pay close attention, there are some spots to discover that are even special to the seasonal cycles in the game.

How does the farm layout look like?

We decided to place the farm in the middle of the map, so that players can spread out to all sides and have all the possibilities to create their own unique farm. To do this, we reduced the number of additional decorative buildings in the farm area and decided to make the buildings open and accessible. This way, you have more space for your own buildings, without those that you don’t need getting in your way.

Both the garage and barn interiors feature multiple levels. You can drive into the buildings and store your vehicles there. The barn can also be used as a storage room for pallets, big bags or other items you need for farm operations. Forklifts and other small vehicles will fit through most of the doors.

What about field shapes and sizes?

The fields may seem small at the beginning of your career. But remember: in the beginning, you won’t have much money. And the bigger the field, the higher the costs. In total, there are 81 predefined fields on Elmcreek, more than we’ve had before. But we still have the larger fields typical for the region. And as always, you will have the ability to merge or create fields at your own discretion. Use a plow with create fields enabled and use your imagination to create your own unique landscape in Elmcreek.

If you look at the map, you will notice that many various field shapes exist. Some have rounded off edges, some are shaped completely differently. This is to provide a more authentic alignment with the infrastructure and a believable embedding. That also means: You’ll have to be more efficient and do some additional things. You’ll have to cut trees, combine fields and adjust the field shape so that the helpers are of good help to you. You determine the best way for your farm to be efficient.

How does it work in multiplayer?

If you explore the map and go to its corners, you will see farms that you can use in multiplayer mode. They have the same layout concept as the starter farm, with small fields in proximity. The surrounding fields make them an ideal starting area with opportunities to expand later. You can, of course, build your own farms however you wish on any land that you own on the map.

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Farming simulator 22 mods / FS22 News