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Lacotec LH II v 1.1.1

February 9, 2024

Lacotec (manual and automatic pipe):
– Price: 85,000 $
– Silage additives tank configurable
– Additional fire extinguisher
– Main color configurable

Kemper plus360:
– Price: 80,000 $
– Working speed: 8 kph
– Working width: 6 meters
– Required power: 510 hp
– Main color configurable

Kemper comfort support wheel:
– Price:2,000 $
– Main color configurable

Some Hints:
– The pipe is controlled via the front loader assignment, so it is advisable not to have a front loader attached when using the manual Lacotec.
– The indicators on the supportWheel are exchanged to use it on tractors with reverse driving.
– A version especially for the Claas Xerion 5000 is available for both Lacotecs, with this version the pipe is slightly higher to avoid a collision with the rotating beacons.
– The Combination is ment for using it on the backside of a Tractor with Reverse Driving.
– The Comfort-Supportwheel only is necessary for driving on the Street, detach bevor fielduse.

– Kemper Supportwheel added
– Kemper plus360 added

– Bug where as soon as you extended the tube, the engine revolutions would increase when they shouldn’t
– Configuration added to Kemper plus360 to be able to drive with smaller tractors (unrealistic!)
– Added color configuration for the grids (lhII and lhII_manual)
– new Storeicon for Comfort-Supportwheel